Ahmed Guerfel




Mr. Guerfel's work is based on the reflections on the South of Tunisia, in relation to the more urbanized regions in the North and European countries. His activities, through the cultural association Danseur Citoyens Sud, take place in different fields, from training to the social development of sustainable art forms, the attention to traditional forms of dance,  the study of urban dances of hip hop culture with a Tunis-African identity and contemporary dance techniques.


Following the participation in a cultural exchange project between Tunisia and Switzerland, in collaboration with the association Litrocentimetro, Maria Vlasova and Filippo Armati, Ahmed began to develop cultural projects in his region of Gabes more intensively by cultivating international networks with Switzerland. This is the second time that Ahmed visits Performa festival, for the first time with his own work.

Guerfel Ahmed was born in 1994, he approaches break dance in 2005 and develops his contemporary dance style in 2007 with professional dancers. In 2014 he graduates in contemporary dance and in 2015 he founded the association Danseurs Citoyens du Sud "DCS" with which he carried out several artistic projects supported by important institutions and foundations. Furthermore, Ahmed is the organizer of break dance competitions in Tunisia, such as FLOORWARS. He currently cooperates with associations in Paris, Switzerland, Italy and Denmark. In 2018 he was one of the main actors in the movie "Je danserai malgré tout!", directed by Blandine Delcroix - produced and distributed by FrenchConnection Films and Association Danseurs Citoyens.