Thursday 12 April 20:00-21:00 - live streaming, in lo Studio -Arbedo

From ReteTre studios, a group of artists form Performa, will participate to the transmission BarNüm, that will be shown streaming online on the internet site of ReteTre and projected live in Lo Studio. A funny and crazy interview, to get to know better the contents and some characters of the festival.


Every bar, full or with some presences, is a microcosm well defined. A container of varied humanity, made up of baristas ready to listen, smiling waiters, loyal customers and occasional patrons. The Ticinese bar par excellence could be called "Bar Bengo", but to add a touch of circus we opted for "Bar Nüm", with the umlaut.
Its main feature is the opening hours: one hour per week, on Thursday from 8 pm to 9 pm.
An hour when customers and staff will give their best of things, telling anecdotes, confiding, complaining, performing, ...