Danseurs Citoyens

With Kholoud Ben Abdallah, Aymen Amdouni

The Tunisian association Danseur citoyens is an association that promotes dance, video, music and various other activities, also through its headquarters Lang'Art. Through cultural exchanges with Switzerland, they have produced performances and documentaries that have been presented in both countries. Below you will find the documentary made during their first visit to Performa festival 2018.

Danseurs citoyens

In this second visit to the festival the dancers Kholoud Ben Abdallah and Aymen Amdouni will present a duo they have developed together in Tunis, where they work as dancers in the company located in the Cité de l'Art in Tunis - a big cultural centre with one of the most recognised dance companies of the city. The duo is a mixture of genres, from traditional Tunisian dance to contemporary dance and the colours and movements of North African dances. Their work is presented for the first time in Europe.