Friday, April 13th - 18:00 - 93 Social - Arbedo

Saturday, April 14th - 18:00 Social - Arbedo

Sunday, April 15th - 18:00 Social - Arbedo

Onironauta is a psychedelic trip through dream, reality and memory, looking for his lost inner self. A free allusion of Alice in wonderland of Lewis Carrol, declined in a metropolitan contemporary world. The main character, Alice, in the grip of a deep inner torment, she decides to exorcise his demons, by throwing herself into a mortal sleep. Failing in her intent, she will find herself reliving glimpses of a forgotten past. The show take place in a room, with the intent of creating domestic intimacy, and at the same time a minimalist space to be filled with emotions and reflections. 


Please reserve in advance. Show for a limited number of audience.


33ROOMS is a collective that start in Ticino in 2017. An experimental multilingual laboratory that want to give space to all disciplines from performing to visual arts.


Concept, Direction, Performer: Eleni Marangakis

Sound and music: Ivan Griggio 

Artistic supervision: Francesca Netto,PrzemekWasilkowski

Thanks to Giuseppe e Marieanne Valenti, Raffaele Zagaria, Maura Pellada, Manuela e Giorgio Gallo and a special tank to Stefania Bernardazzi .