Ghassen Ghessen & Heni Bellhammadi




This concert is like an intense musical parfume from North Africa, which conveys the feeling of travelling as nomads from the immense desert of the south to the green north, towards the shores of the Blue Mediterranean.

This show aims to bring together the extremes, or at least what we perceive as extremes: the sounds of the Gnawa heritage of nomadic Africa and the innovative electronic sounds of energies. Yellow and blue, the acoustics and synthetic rhythms of the Earth and the intergalactic waves. This show offers a journey into a universe that unites and consolidates the exchange.

The musicians will meet to experience and share the knowledge of the universes, and the audience to feel, travel and identify oneself in the soul.


The project "Electro-Gnawa" is a musical research undertaken in the last year by two artists "Ghassen Gherissi and Heni Belhammadi", that has led to a musical fusion of two different sound worlds today! Gnawa music, a musical genre of the Tuareg tribes of the Great Sahara and electronic music with its many facets; the show is a narrative of different stories sung and interpreted by the artists; the Saharan musical culture is the translation of a tale of wisdom and transmission of human experience, a journey in an arid environment. An oral culture that transmits images and emotions through music. On stage, artists create a colorful universe of Africa. Among African costumes, sets, videos, and musical instruments, everything is guided by a theatrical game. In this show, artists invite the audience to live a human experience. They invite you to dance in the mixture of hot bodies, punctuated by love and sharing.